Handicap and course qualification rules

The following rules are taken from the EGA..

  • ”Handicap conditions” are the prerequisite conditions under which qualifying scores may be returned for handicapping purposes.
● the round is played over a measured course with a measured length of not less than 2750 metres over 18 holes, or 1375 metres over 9 holes;
● the course being played has been rated by the national association or area authority in accordance with the USGA Course Rating System;
● the length of the course played does not vary from the length of the measured course by more than 100 metres over 18 holes, or 50 metres over 9 holes;
● the tee-markers used to designate the teeing ground (see the Rules of Golf, Definitions) are placed on the tees in accordance with Clause 2.7.5;
● the round is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf (including the Conditions of Competition) as approved by R&A Rules Limited;
● the form of play is either stroke play, Bogey/Par or Stableford,